Our Purpose & Direction


Bold, Compassionate, Strong, Versatile, Ambitious 

Our Beliefs and Values at Virtual Academy: 

  •  We believe our students are bold learners who are at the vanguard of historic educational change.

  •  We believe in the importance of compassion, both as a trait we embody as educators and as a trait that we reinforce in our students.

  • We believe that the hard work needed to overcome challenges will help our students develop the strength necessary for success.

  • We believe that students can develop versatility as they work through the unique challenges of online learning across multiple platforms and learning environments, and that this versatility will serve them well in their future.

  • We believe that instilling a sense of ambition to achieve their highest potential will help our students work towards continued growth and development.

BCSVA Purpose: Our purpose is to create a flexible, accessible, and supportive learning environment which encourages students to pursue their goals and strive for excellence while receiving a high quality education outside of the traditional classroom.


BCSVA Direction: Our students will grow to boldly explore paths to a successful future, display compassion for those around them, strengthen their resolve, respond to a changing world with versatility, and gain a driving ambition to continue working towards their goals.