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Parents and Guardians

Successful education involves parents and schools working together for the betterment of students. Parents and guardians play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children. While BCSVA teachers manage the online instruction, the parent/guardian manages the structure of the school day. This management includes being responsible for creating and maintaining an appropriate learning environment at home, checking the Edgenuity and/or Edmentum parent portal, and using the Pacing Guidelines to monitor student progress on at least a weekly basis. Families are also expected to reduce distractions in your home for focused learning, support and design brain breaks for your student within your home, and provide positive reinforcement and feedback for your student. It is vital that BCSVA families support their student with opportunities for extra-curricular activities and clubs. Parents/ guardians must maintain weekly communication with your student’s teachers, and help your student to “own” their learning by providing time to meet with staff and cohort groups independently when appropriate. Most importantly, families must connect with their student daily! Talk with them about what they learned about, as well as what was fun, and what may have been challenging.