Student posing in the corn maze at Eliada Home

Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy (BCSVA) students and staff came together for a fun-filled day at the Eliada Home corn maze. 

Students had the opportunity to take a break from their virtual classes, as they got lost in a corn maze, took a hay ride, raced down the slides, jumped the highest and enjoyed many more fun activities. Third and fourth grade teacher Kim Ransom said this was the perfect way to bring everyone together. 

“This trip gave our students and families the opportunity to connect and build community within our school,” she said. “The bond that we grow allows us to have shared experiences to utilize through learning in the classroom and family discussions about how we develop rapport with students and families that help support students' needs.”

Experiences like these are key to student success at BCSVA. They also create memories that will carry with students for years to come. 

“BCSVA works to invite students, families, and staff to join in cultural experiences that are invaluable to the development and understanding of the world around them,” Ms. Ransom said. “Our goal is to create lifelong memories that are extensions of their learning within their community.”

BCSVA is hopeful that their next field trip will be snow tubing, and staff is always looking for ways to bring students, parents, and teachers together. 

Students jumping at the Eliada Home Corn Maze

Students playing soccer.