VA students make Gingerbread Houses

BCS Virtual Academy students got together for some holiday cheer and fun at East Asheville Library! Enjoying the sunny green courtyard, kids and families used a selection of candy-wonderland treats to create fun gingerbread houses. 

The activity is one of many that Virtual Academy does with its families – they meet up regularly to socialize and bond with other students face-to-face. 

“This lesson is also great for training hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and more,” said principal Gina Toomey. “We like to incorporate those skills into these meetup opportunities, as they are important, too.” 

Not that students knew they were practicing skills, as they layered white frosting onto graham crackers to create walls, roofs, even chimneys. The creations were decorated with all sorts of candy delights; marshmallows of every size, candy hearts and eyes, teddy grahams, licorice ropes, and more. Kids and their families got to take home the creations when finished, carrying the Virtual Academy holiday spirit with them!