National Merit

Congratulations to Nesbitt Discovery Academy seniors who have been named Finalists in the 2023 Competition for National Merit Scholarship awards:  Catelyn Banks, Ruby Blue, Sylvan Pollock, Sydney Selmensberger and Virginia Ward.  We are so proud of the outstanding academic accomplishments of this talented group of Chargers!   

The National Merit Scholarship Program will begin notifying scholarship winners in March.  The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition in which high school students compete for college scholarships and recognition.  The program is administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a privately-funded non-profit organization.

The mission of National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) is to recognize and honor the academically talented students of the United States. NMSC accomplishes its mission by conducting nationwide academic scholarship programs. The enduring goals of NMSC's scholarship programs are:

  • To promote a wider and deeper respect for learning in general and for exceptionally talented individuals in particular
  • To shine a spotlight on brilliant students and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence at all levels of education
  • To stimulate increased support from individuals and organizations that wish to sponsor scholarships for outstanding scholastic talent