erwin high students

In a groundbreaking effort to promote inclusivity and equal opportunity in competitive sports, Erwin High School’s varsity football team, in partnership with the school’s Exceptional Children's (EC) classroom, hosted an adaptive disc golf tournament on March 28 for Progressive Education Program (PEP), T.C. Roberson High School, A.C. Reynolds High School, and Erwin’s EC classes. The event aimed to provide students with a platform to engage in a competitive sport tailored to accommodate a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities. 

students playing disc golf

The tournament, a first for the high school, saw the collaboration of students from diverse backgrounds, coming together to participate in a sport that is adaptable and accessible for all. Disc golf proved to be an ideal medium through which students of all abilities could showcase their competitive sport. 

disc golf tournament

“This was a true example of our integration,” said Erwin varsity football player Judah. “This goes further than this event. We truly are friends with the EC students. We see them in the hallways. We talk to them after class. This event gave us a fun way for us to hang out with our friends.” 

Adapting the traditional rules of disc golf, the event organizers designed the course with accessibility in mind. Modification included adjustable tee-off areas and targets, ensuring that students could participate fully and fairly. 

students enjoying disc golf

Erwin High School’s pioneering effort to include all students in sports marks a significant step toward fostering a more inclusive and supportive community. The success of the adaptive disc golf tournament serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that thoughtful, inclusive planning can have on students’ lives, encouraging them to engage, compete, and thrive.

students playing disc golf