Classroom Visitation Policy for Parents

Koontz Intermediate School

305 Overlook Road

Asheville, NC 28803 

Classroom Visitation Policy for Parents and Guardians
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Welcome to Koontz Intermediate School! As parents and guardians, you play an integral role in your child’s education and we welcome you. Visiting a classroom is one of the best ways to gain insight into the educational program and observe your child’s performance in a classroom setting. Here at Koontz, we strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning for all. Please follow the basic procedures, guidelines, and expectations for classroom visitations:


24 Hours Prior to Your Visit . . .

  • Come to the main office to get a Classroom Visitation Policy form. The form must be submitted to the main office 24 hours prior to your visit.

  • If the form is not approved, administration will notify you. Otherwise, please plan on attending on the day of your request. Office staff will get the required signatures.

On the Day of Your Visit . . .

  • Sign in at the main office and get a visitor’s sticker.

  • Meet briefly with an administrator to go over procedures, guidelines, and expectations.

  • Be on time to the class and enter quietly. Introduce yourself to the teacher and other adults in the room prior to the start of class. Ask the teacher where he/she would like you to sit, to maximize your opportunity to observe your child

  • After the visit, please sign out at the main office.

Guidelines and Expectations

  • You are in the classroom to better support your child, which may lead to further dialogue at home.

  • Staff members initiate interactions with others in the classroom. Please remember that you are there to observe. Please do not disrupt the learning environment.

  • The school reserves the right to limit the amount of visitations. Special circumstances may warrant additional visits.

  • This is not a time to conference with the teacher. If you would like to schedule a conference time, please contact the teacher via email or phone and set up a time after your visit.

  • Classroom visitors must be adults. Younger children cannot accompany a parent/guardian during the observation.

  • Parents/guardians are expected to follow the same school-wide expectations as students. For example, no cell phone or technology use, etc.

  • Teachers will manage classrooms while parents/guardians are observing. If questions or concerns arise, please contact the teacher after class via email or phone call and a meeting can be arranged outside of instructional time.

  • Anything you see in the classroom shall remain confidential due to educational privacy laws. Audio or video recording is not permitted.

  • The maximum amount of time for a visit is 1 hour.

By signing this agreement, student(s), staff, and parent(s)/guardian(s) agree to the procedures, guidelines, and expectations above. At any point if a staff member or administrator feels that the parent(s)/guardian(s) is/are not adhering to the guidelines set forth, he/she has the right to end the visit and/or restrict further visits.

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