all district

Please congratulate the following students for making the All District and Western Jazz Region Band.  All District band members will travel to WCU to practice and then perform a free concert on Saturday, Feb 11.  The Western Region Jazz Band students will perform at Asheville High this Saturday, Feb 4 at 2 PM - the concert is free to attend.

6th and 7th Grade

(L to R: Flute - Kayla Bradley-5th Chair B Band, Horn - Jake Leifheit-8th Chair A Band, Trumpet - Lennon Ross-5th Chair A Band, Tuba - Will Ammons-3rd Chair B Band, Trumpet - Beckett Young-12th Chair B Band, Trumpet - Joseph Gash-2nd Chair A Band, Flute - Estella Wetzel-7th Chair A Band)

8th Grade

(L to R: Baritone - Pablo Gaona-4th Chair B Band, Tuba - Dane Satterfield-4th Chair A Band, Trombone - Abby Ulmer-7th Chair A Band, Flute - Abby Muir-2nd Chair A Band, Clarinet - Chloe Bradley-18th Chair A Band, Clarinet - Francesca Guiffrida-9th Chair A, Bass Clarinet - Maeve Stone-1st Chair A Band,  Alto Saxophone - Shayla Miles-2nd Chair A Band, Bari Saxophone - Ryan Pethel-1st Chair A Band, Oboe - Maddie Davis-1st Chair A Band, and Trumpet - Olivia Luff-7th Chair B Band)

Western Region Jaxx Band

(L to R: Trumpet - Lennon Ross-3rd Chair A Band, Bari Saxophone - Ryan Pethel-1st Chair A Band, Trumpet - Joseph Gash-3rd Chair B Band, Trombone - Abby Ulmer-4th Chair A Band)