Media Technology Advisory Committee

The Media and Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC) has long been an assumed component in the selection of materials in North Carolina’s public schools since most school system board policies require such a committee. However, the responsibilities of this committee should not be limited to resource selection.

MTAC's Role:

  • serve to strengthen the media and technology program and in turn strengthen the total instructional program in the school;

  • promote positive relationships among media and technology personnel, teachers, students, and administrators

  • serve as a line of communication between the school and community;

  • and assist in maintaining a balanced collection of resources and equipment.

Active involvement of the MTAC in the media and technology program leads to better awareness, understanding, support, and commitment.

Meeting Dates/Minutes

Committee Members

  • Ms. Britt - Principal

  • Ms. Pam Johnson - BLC

  • Ms. Benedict - 6th

  • Mr. Campbell - 7th 

  • Ms. Wharton - Electives

  • Dr. Alexander - EC

  • Mr. Stone - Media Center

  • Mr. Bell - 8th

  • Media Assistant

  • Melissa Justen - Parent Representative