mr stewart

The February Teacher of the Month is Mr. Stewart. Mr. Stewart directs the band program at Cane Creek Middle. Here are some of the things his students had to say about him - "He helps me through my challenges and makes me believe in myself so that I can do even better," Because he helps us play our music like telling us the notes and he believes in us for MPA but he also challenges us with hard music because he knows we can play it," and "He is always there for us and is patient and really is an amazing person."

Mr. Chambers, 7th Grade ELA, has been selected as the January 2024 Teacher of the Month. In addition to his classroom duties, Mr. Chambers coaches boys and girls soccer and chairs the School Improvement Team. Here are quotes from students that Mr. Chambers teachers, "He is very kind and is a helpful teacher, They support me, and He doesn't let us off easy, and acknowledges when we succeed."

Congratulations Ms. Soesbee, November Teacher of the Month.  Here are quotes from students,  "She inspires you and helps you feel safe.  SHE IS THE BEST!  Ms. Soesbee is so sweet, and kind, and supporting.  She deserves to be recognized mainly for her kindness and compassion."

Ms. Benedict, 6th Grade ELA, has been selected as October 2023's Teacher of the Month.   A former student of hers indicated that she helped guide him through 6th grade and she believed in him.  A current student of hers said this about Ms. Benedict, "she is so kind and helps anyone who needs it."

Mr. Stewart, Band Director, has been named 2023 May Teacher of the Month.  He was chosen by students and peers at CCMS.  A CCMS student said this "Mr. Stewart is a fun, kind, teacher that pushes us to be our best. He goes above and beyond to make us better musicians."

April 2023

Ms. Webster, 8th Science, has been selected as the 2023 April Teacher of the Month.  She was selected by students.  Here are some quotes from students about Ms. Webster: "She is the best and asks how we feel." "She genuinely cares about all of her students." " She is an amazing teacher and we get to do labs."

March 2023

Mr. Fulkerson has been named Teacher of the Month for March 2023.  He was nominated by students and peers.  Here are some things students said about him: "Mr. Fulkerson was the best teacher I ever had. He taught me a lot while keeping class fun and exciting." "He helps me." "Mr. Fulkerson explains math very well so that everyone can understand it."

February 2023

Mr. Blevins has been named Teacher of the Month at Cane Creek Middle School for February.  Here are some of the awesome things students had to say about him: "Mr. Blevins makes science fun."  "Mr Blevins cares for us."  "Mr. Blevins is funny."

January 2023 - Ms. Soesbee

Please congratulate Ms. Soesbee for being January's Teacher of the Month.  Here are some of the great things her students said about her: "She always goes out of her way to make her lessons fun and interesting; Ms Soesbee is nice and kind to all students. She would help when you would need help and made it easy to learn. She also kept the class fun and kept it from being stressful.; and She has helped me with many things and has challenged me. She has helped me learn how to be a better me and she is one of the kindest teachers I have ever met."

Check back the first week of February to see who will be the next Teacher of the Month.