Students working as a team on the ropes course at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

Teamwork is this year’s motto for eighth graders at Cane Creek Middle School (CCMS). 

In an effort to build a camaraderie amongst the students, CCMS staff had the kids set out on an adventure-filled day at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain. Students and staff tackled the ropes course, archery, and a trail walk together. 

“This trip is important for the kids as it brings them out of their comfort zone,” said Career and Technical teacher James Derek Williams. “As eighth graders, they are now the leaders of the school, and this trip helps with the team building process.”

Students faced a variety of challenges throughout the field trip. Some had to overcome their fear of heights, while others cheered them on for support. Mr. Williams even tackled the ropes course with a group of students. 

“It was fun and definitely challenging,” he said. “I got to see more personalities from the kids that you may have never seen before. Some might be quiet and reserved in the classroom, but out here you see a different side.”

At the end of the day students felt more confident in their ability to attempt challenges they may face. Students also had the opportunity to see a different side of the teachers as well. 

“The kids really enjoy seeing teachers out here having fun,” said Mr. Williams. “They see that we are just normal human beings, and face challenges just like everyone else. It’s exciting to see what this group of students will do this school year.”

Students tackling the ropes course in a team of four.

Students learning archery skills.