Students work at potter's wheels.

Art students at Cane Creek Middle were happy to get their hands dirty for a unique lesson on March 10. The young artists had an opportunity to create a one of a kind piece on a pottery wheel. Students had to concentrate as they pedaled the wheels and spun their clay into a unique artwork. Art teacher Matthew Pospishil was happy to give his students this hands-on experience.

“A Buncombe County Schools Foundation grant made it possible for the school to purchase a new pottery wheel this year,” said Mr. Pospishil. “The grant is helping give more students time and opportunity to create vessels on a wheel.”

Mr. Pospishil is always looking for ways to engage students and teach them a little history at the same time.

“Students were excited to get a chance to try their hand with the wheel,” he said. “This medium has a rich history in Western North Carolina.”

When Mr. Pospishil was in middle school, he didn’t have opportunities like these. So giving his students this experience is exciting to watch.

“I had a great middle school art teacher who introduced me to ceramics,” he said. “However, I didn't get an opportunity to throw on a potter's wheel until taking ceramic classes in college.”

Of course when you have a group of students using a potter’s wheel things are going to get messy, but it was certainly fun for the students and they learned a lot.

“The students enjoyed the experience of throwing on a wheel,” said Mr. Posishil. “I've heard multiple students say that was fun. Most students want more time on the wheel, and having an additional wheel lets that many more get a chance to try it out.”

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Photo and video by Tim Reaves, BCS Communications Department