A Cane Creek student looks up as another student takes on part of the ropes course.

Cane Creek Middle School seventh graders tied their sense of community together with a recent trip to the Adventure Center of Asheville. 

On Oct. 27, they took to the ropes course and played team building games under sunny skies and beautiful fall colors. Seventh grade English language arts teacher Alex Chambers said he hopes students learned to push themselves out of their comfort zones, take on difficult challenges, and build deeper relationships.
“Later in class, if an assignment or test is challenging, I'll remind them of their experience at the ropes course when they pushed through something they thought they couldn't do,” he said. “Kids also learn how to work together. Sometimes kids get up on the same platform together, and one kid is struggling to figure out where to go, or how to clip into the next obstacle. Then the kids near them encourage them, offer help, or explain how they did it when they got there.”
The teachers were there to encourage and support the students, he added, reinforcing their role as guides toward adulthood.
“At the end of the day, kids wind up with a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of the seventh grade as a team that works together,” he said.

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