Students in the creek for the annual Creek Week experience.

As eighth graders at Cane Creek Middle School (CCMS) inch closer to summer break, one last tradition makes a big splash each year. 

The hands-on science activity is known around the school as Creek Week. It allows students the opportunity to learn about hydrology and ecology on the beautiful campus of CCMS. The week-long event has become a right of passage for middle schoolers getting ready to embark on their high school journey. 

“Creek Week has been a valuable learning experience for our 8th graders for over 10 years,” said eighth grade science teacher Elizabeth Webster. “I love watching the students use what they learn in the classroom and use it in the outside world. It gives purpose to what we do each day, and brings great joy seeing them have fun.”

Cane Creek flows behind the school and provides endless opportunities for students to enjoy all that it has to offer. Other classes use it as a learning tool for a variety of lessons. Seventh graders are excited about next school year where they will participate in Creek Week like so many before them have done. 

“The creek is also used for lessons about Environmental Stewardship,” Ms. Webster said. “Earlier this year, students practiced taking care of our creek by removing invasive species. The creek gives students an important opportunity to observe a healthy, balanced ecosystem and gain appreciation for the world around them.”

Student looking for living organisms in the creek.