Student Services

Enka Middle Student Services

The Enka Middle School Student Services team is made up of two school counselors and a school social worker. This team works with students, parents, school staff, support agencies and community members to eliminate barriers to student learning and to help students realize their full potential.

Counseling services are given:

  • in classrooms via guidance curriculum;

  • in small groups of students, based on needs; and

  • in brief individual counseling available on a limited basis.

School social workers are the link between the home, school and community in providing services to support student success. We help:

  • students develop strategies to increase academic success;

  • families access school and community resources; and

  • schools identify students’ unmet needs and work effectively with parents.

If your child is struggling with any aspect of his/her life (inside or outside of school) he or she may make an appointment to discuss these concerns. Teachers can make a referral to student services staff when they believe a student is struggling to meet their academic expectations. Parents can refer their child if they feel like student support services would be beneficial. If students need counseling for issues beyond the scope of the school, school counselors and social workers can make referrals to outside agencies.

We provide a safe and confidential environment for all students and abide by our profession’s ethical standards.  We do not disclose what our students share with us unless there is serious and foreseeable harm to self or others, or unless they give us permission to tell others.  Others we might inform include the parents/guardians, department of social services, or law enforcement, depending on the type and severity of the concern.

If you have questions or concerns about the services provided to your student as part of our comprehensive school counseling program, please contact either the appropriate grade level school counselor or the school social worker at (828) 670-5010.

Heather Cavner, School Counselor, 7th Grade

Michelle Butler, School Counselor, 8th Grade