Website & Branding Guidelines

person at laptop

Our district and school websites are often the "hello" before the "hello," meaning that before we get a chance to personally meet a community member, potential parent, or student, they have already received an introduction via our electronic presence. This is why it is so critical to maintain a professional and accurate website with fresh content, and that communicates your school's unique brand. We want our stakeholders to know we take the education of the next generation seriously, and maintaining our electronic platforms is a key part of how this is communicated.

As of July of 2022, we have switched over to a new website provider, Apptegy. New website editing will be done via the thrillshare platform. We feel this is a big step forward in accessibility and ease-of-use and hope you feel empowered to keep your school's website up-to-date, fresh, and able to communicate the special atmosphere of your school.

These resources are intended to help equip school designers and webmasters as they aim to create dynamic content for their school communities.