Reproductive Health and Safety Education

With the passing of the Healthy Youth Act of 2009 schools are directed to provide Reproductive Health and Safety Education to students in grades 7-9. Instructors for this unit will be Health educators from Buncombe County Schools. After viewing the curriculum outline, parents are given the opportunity to waive student participation in the unit. A written request must be sent to the principal at the school in order for the student to not participate in the curriculum. An alternative health assignment will be given to work on during this instructional time. The comprehensive four-day curriculum in grades 7 and 8 and six-day curriculum in grade 9 includes developmentally appropriate materials and medically accurate information while focusing on the following points:

  1. Abstinence is the expected standard for youth.

  2. Reasons, decision making skills, and strategies for becoming or remaining abstinent.

  3. Strategies to deal with peer pressure.

  4. Abstinence is the only certain means of preventing pregnancy and diseases.

  5. The best lifelong means of prevention is fidelity in marriage, and the benefits of abstinence as compared to the risks of premarital sex.

  6. Factually accurate biological and pathological information related to the human reproductive system.

  7. How STDs are transmitted, the effectiveness of all FDA- approved methods for STD prevention, and information on local resources for testing and treatment.

  8. Awareness of sexual assault, sexual abuse and risk reduction.

A full unit outline of each grade level is available for review at all middle and high schools as well as at the following links:

7th - 8th Grade Parent Letter

9th Grade Parent Letter

2018-19 Parent Preview Night for 6th -9th Grade Students
September 11, 2018
175 Bingham Road
Asheville, NC 28806

This is a chance for you to preview curriculum materials and ask questions regarding the Reproductive Health and Safety Instruction. 

Growth and Development Curriculum

The Growth and Development (Puberty Education) Program is part of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Healthful Living Essential Teaching Standards. The information is presented by BCS Reproductive Health Educators. In grades 4 and 5, the students are separated by gender for the classes. The outlines for the curriculum are below. You will receive a permission form to send back to the school before classes begin at your school. 

4th Grade Outline

4th Grade Girls Growth and Development Slideshow

Video Shown to 4th Grade Girls - Gender Specific -
* "Puberty Workshop - Girls and Puberty" by Human Relations

Video Shown in 4th Grade Boys - * "Puberty Workshop - Boys and Intro to Puberty" by Human Relations

* Videos are covered by copyright laws and cannot be posted on the web. They are available for viewing at Parent Preview Nights and for private viewing upon a scheduled appointment with Debbie Bryant - 255-5960.

4th Grade Boys Growth and Development Slideshow

4th/5th Grade Parent Information: The district wide Parent Preview Meeting is scheduled at the BCS Central Office on March 5, 2018 before classes begin in the schools. The meeting will be at the BCS Board Office building at 175 Bingham Road at 6:00 PM. The Health Educators will be present to go over the materials and answer any questions that you might have at that time.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Healthful Living Curriculum Specialist, Debbie Bryant by phone at  255-5960 or by email at

4th Grade Parent Permission Form 

5th Grade Girls Outline

5th Grade Girls Slideshow 

Video Shown in 5th Grade Girls - "Always Changing"

5th Grade Boys Outline

5th Grade Boys Slideshow

Video Shown in 5th grade presentations - Gender Specific - "Always Changing" - Boys 

5th Grade Parent Permission Form  

6th Grade Reproductive Health Outline

6th Grade Slide Show Boys

6th Grade Slide Show Girls

6th Grade Parent Letter 

6th Grade Parent Letter in Spanish