Language Services

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) employs on-call interpreters and translators for Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Moldovan.  When the need arises for a different language, BCS strives to contract with an outside agency to meet this need.

Procedures to Request Interpretation or Translation Services 

Each Buncombe County School has one "Designee" that works with the Language Services Coordinator in the central office to process translations and/or interpretation needs of the staff.  The Language Services Coordinator, in turn, will assign the job to the specific interpreter and/or translator.  

***Please note the difference between an interpreter and a translator.  An interpreter converts any oral or spoken language from one language to another, either in person or over the phone, including at parent-teacher conferences and school events.  A translator converts written materials of documents, including flyers, letters, and handbooks.

Interpretation (in-person, oral or spoken):

  1. The school designee submits an Interpreter Request form.

  2. All requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, but BCS understands that, in some instances, emergency meetings will need to be coordinated.

  3. The Language Services Coordinator works with the interpreter(s) and parents, then informs the school designee as soon as the meeting has been confirmed with all parties.

Written Translations (written documents, such as flyers, letter, handbooks):

Language Services provides written translations for important documents that are sent from Schools to families.  Each BCS employee may request a document for translation using our Online Written Translation Request FormPlease ask your School Designee for this link. We require 2-3 weeks to process, translate, and return a document.

Phone Call Contact:

  1. The school designee submits a Phone Call by Interpreter Request form.

  2. The School/Family Support Specialist coordinates with the interpreter(s).  The school designee is notified as soon as the message has been relayed.

Buncombe County Schools will train, monitor and evaluate interpreters, in order to provide a quality experience for both families and school's staff. 

In order to protect the educational rights and privacy of families, and to avoid and potential violations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the use of school personnel who are also employed as interpreters will be limited at their base school except for school-wide events such as parents' programs or workshops.

Students as Interpreters

The use of students as interpreters is not allowed in Buncombe County Schools, and it is considered a violation of the approved standards by BCS.

Contact Information

Language Services Coordinator:
Beldi Marriaga Ortiz
Phone: 828-350-2295
Cell: 828-775-0736
Fax: 828-225-5278