Charge Procedure

Breakfast/Lunch Program Information, Meal Purchasing and Unpaid Meal Charge Procedures


Pre-paid meal plan is encouraged.  School Nutrition Services has a computerized cashiering system at all of our schools. Students have access to a student debit account to pay for lunch and/or breakfast. Money may be deposited into their accounts so that it is available each time a student eats and allows the student to move through the line quicker. Students may still pay cash daily to the cashier as they have in the past. For more Nutrition Services information please visit the Nutrition Services’ website for information on prices and procedures during meal service. Balances left at the end of the year will roll into the next fiscal year. Balances due must be paid before the end of the year.  

All students will use their personal identification number to access their meal account. This identification number will be typed into a keypad or recited by the student at the cashier stand. Payments to this account can be made two ways; in your school cafeteria to the food service staff only or online through

Free & Reduced Priced Meals

Our free and reduced applications can be accessed and submitted online starting after July 1, 2022. Applications for meal benefits are only good from July 1-June 30th annually. A new application must be completed at the beginning of each school year. Households are responsible for all student purchases incurred prior to meal benefit approval. Approval notices will be sent to the home with the student in a sealed envelope to assure confidentiality is maintained.

View our menus and pricing information.

Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High School Charge Procedures

District-wide policy allows students to charge only a complete meal (a charge is a meal obtained with a zero or negative student account balance). A complete meal must consist of at least 3 of the 5 components offered (Grains, Meat or protein substitute, Fruit, Vegetable, and Milk). All students are required to take a fruit or a vegetable at both lunch and breakfast or will be charged a la carte prices. Nutrition Services lunch and breakfast cashiers are specifically instructed to serve all children within this age group up to -$15.00.

Parents/families are responsible for all charges incurred by the student. Parents/families are encouraged to use our prepayment plan and discouraged from sending cash to school with students to avoid loss.  Twice a week (Tuesday and Thursdays), the School Nutrition Department will send out reminders, through a phone call center to parents/families with the amount owed.  Principals shall be advised of charges weekly.  It is the responsibility of the parent to pay for lunches and a la carte items for their children.

Administration will work to the best of their abilities to ensure that no student is embarrassed when efforts are made to collect unpaid meal charges.  Again, we highly encourage parents/families to use our prepayment system at Administrators and School Nutrition Personnel will discuss unpaid meal charges with the parents/families of elementary and intermediate age students.  Administrators and School Nutrition Personnel will discuss unpaid meal charges with the student at the middle and high school level. 

Food Allergies

If your child has a food allergy, it is important to note on the health update whether this has required emergency treatment in the past. If your child requires a food substitution in the cafeteria, a physician’s order is required. There is a form called the Special Diet Order Form on the Buncombe County Schools School Nutrition website.  Diet order forms can be found at

All foods sold to students during the school day are under the scrutiny of USDA’s, National School Lunch Program Regulations that were created to promote high standards for all foods available to children. Buncombe County Schools strictly adheres to research-based nutrition regulations geared towards targeting nutrients deficient in the US American diet.

For more information regarding school meals, please contact the School Nutrition Office at 828-255-5932 or log on to the School Nutrition Services’ website:

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.