1:1 Digital Initiative Belief Statements and Strategic Plans

We believe that the implementation of a 1:1 device initiative will enhance individualized instruction for critical thinking and creativity. This will maximize student opportunities for self-assessment and deeper understanding of content, resulting in interactive, engaging, collaborative, on-demand instruction, and infinite levels of learning.

  1. Personalized Learning
    We believe personalized learning transforms the task of learning by using community, resources, and digital tools which empowers students to pursue their own educational goals. It is a fundamental change from merely collecting information to a need to draw connections-to inquire, disseminate, and collaborate which leads to a deeper engagement with content.

  2. Student Engagement
    We believe that students should be actively engaged in critical thinking activities that are driven by grade-level standards to deepen comprehension and application of content into real-world applications.

Strategic Plan:
Students will

  • discuss and solve real world problems

  • exercise choice in learning experiences

  • collaborate and interact as an online community

  • create or codesign learning opportunities with peers and instructor

  1. Student Preparation (Future Ready)
    We believe that students should utilize the appropriate digital tool for problem solving critical thinking, communication, creation, and collaboration on a local and global level.

Strategic Plan:
Students will

  • demonstrate mastery with different types of applications of tools

  • choose/personalize their learning to address strengths and weaknesses

  • evaluate and choose the best tool to achieve a goal

  • construct and design an innovative product utilizing multiple digital tools

  1. Student Access
    We believe that consistent and uniform access to devices will remove barriers associated with diverse socioeconomic and academic needs, thus allowing for equitable access and digital fluency for all students.

Strategic Plan:
Students will

  • exhibit leadership in digital citizenship

  • advocate a responsible and ethical use of information and technology