Student looking at a turtle.

Two unusual guests slithered and crawled their way into Community High School (CHS). The Western North Carolina Nature Center gave students and staff a lively presentation about the native wildlife of our region. 

“In order to care about animal conservation and the environment, students need to see first-hand the beauty and magic nature has to offer and the things it can teach us about our world,” said English teacher Arami Moore. “The students asked thoughtful questions, and loved seeing photos of the newly born red wolf pups.”

The Nature Center brought a corn snake and a turtle for the students to see as well. For some this was the first time seeing the animals up close. Students also had the opportunity to touch animal fur and see the different feathers from the birds of prey. 

“It was a wonderful experience to see the students engaged with nature, and excited for the presentation,” Ms. Moore said. “This experience is what CHS is all about. We offer students an opportunity to be excited about school and reinvent themselves and how they approach learning. This spring we will expand on this special presentation by taking a field trip to the Nature Center.”

Students observing a turtle from the Western North Carolina Nature Center