Student Dress Code

Student Dress Guidelines

A.C. Reynolds Middle School students are highly encouraged and expected to dress in a manner guided by safety, cleanliness, and decency.  While a student’s dress is primarily the responsibility of the student and his/her parents, attire or appearance that is provocative or inappropriate and distracts or disrupts the attention of students from the instructional program cannot be allowed.  The administration will determine what is detrimental to the instructional program or to the education process.  Repeated violations of the school dress code could result in Out-of-School suspension.  The following guidelines listed below will assist the parent and student in decisions for acceptable school attire:

1.  Shorts and skirts: Standing erect, the top of the card placed vertically at the bottom of shorts/skirts must reach the top of the knee cap and the shorts or skirt must not be such a distraction it disrupts the learning environment.

Note:  the “card” mentioned is the size of a credit card or driver’s license.

2.  Leggings, etc. should only be worn underneath shorts and/or skirts. Also, wearing leggings, tights, or other form-fitting leg coverings under the skirt/dress does NOT exempt the skirt/dress from the card length requirements. When in doubt, please consult an administrator.

3.  Pants (male and female) are considered appropriately worn when positioned at the waist or no lower than the top of the hipbone. Excessively baggy pants (pants which can be bunched at the waist in excess of 1-2 inches) that cannot be worn properly at the waist are in violation of the dress code. Students wearing pants without belts may be required to cinch their pants. Administration will provide temporary belts in the form of string and will require students to tuck in their shirts in order to monitor the level of the pants from a distance.

4.  Shirts (male or female) of any nature must provide FULL coverage. Shirts considered to NOT PROVIDE FULL COVERAGE are:

Halter or tube tops (any type of tank top MUST be worn underneath another shirt or not worn at all), shirts that bare the midriff (the abdomen is exposed in any way when arms are fully extended over the head) and/or breast line, muscle shirts (sleeveless t-shirts with oversized arm holes), fishnet or similar type football jerseys, see-through blouses, spaghetti strap shirts/tops (not allowed unless worn under another shirt)

5.  Graphic content (including text) of ANY clothing apparel SHOULD be free of the following:

Crude or vulgar words or graphically violent acts; emblems, badges, or insignias that identify groups or gangs associated with certain colors; content which might be defamatory or insulting to others; illegal substances such as marijuana, marijuana leaves, guns, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, etc.

6.  Clothing apparel and accessory items inappropriate in the school building and in classrooms are gloves; non-prescribed sunglasses (on face or head); caps, do-rags, bandanas, scarves, hats, or hoods; chains of any type worn at the waist, connected to pants, wallets, around the neck, etc.; large medallions; spiked collars or bracelets; pajamas.

7.  Undergarments or boxer shorts should be covered at all times even when the shirt is lifted above the beltline.

8.  Footwear, which is appropriate, must be worn at all times (no bedroom shoes/slippers).

9.  Body art/painting and writing is in violation of ACRMS dress code.

10.  Blankets may not be worn in the school after 7:45a.m.  They must be placed in the student’s locker or given to teacher to hold.

School Administration will have final decision on all dress code violations.