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Screening and Referral Processes

Annual Mass Screening 

The AIG staff conducts a formal mass screening annually in grades 3-8 to establish a broad-based pool of students who may need differentiated services. The following guidelines are used in the mass screening:  (1) 85th percentile or higher on the third grade Cognitive Skills Ability Test (CogAT), and (2) 85th percentile or higher on grades 3-8 NC EOG reading and/or math tests. Students meeting these criteria are placed into our Screening Pool.  


Procedures for AIG Placement

A student must be nominated for AIG evaluation by parent, teacher, or himself/herself.  Nominations must be received in writing via a Nomination for Gifted Services Form.  Nomination forms may be obtained from the AIG Specialist assigned to each campus or by downloading them here: 

1a. Nomination - Teacher (K-5).pdf
1b. Nomination - Teacher (5-12).pdf

1c. Nomination - Parent (K-12) English
1c. Nomination - Parent (K-12)  Romanian
1c. Nomination - Parent (K-12) Russian
1c. Nomination - Parent (k-12)_Spanish

1d. Nomination - Self (K-12) English
1d. Nomination - Self (K-12) Romanian
1d. Nomination - Self (K-12) Russian
1d. Nomination - Self (K-12) Spanish

Once the AIG Specialist receives a completed nomination form, he/she must obtain permission to evaluate a student.  The parent or guardian must sign the Permission to Evaluate consent form giving the AIG Specialist the right to review the student's cumulative folder and administer any required tests.

The AIG Specialist collects all available information about the student's classroom grades, EOG (achievement) scores, and IQ (aptitude) scores.  If necessary, the AIG Specialist administers standardized achievement or aptitude tests to the student.

The AIG Specialist attempts to gather a comprehensive snapshot of the nominated student's abilities, strengths, and unique learning needs.  AIG Specialist presents the gathered documentation to the Academically Intellectually Gifted Identification Team (AIGIT).  The AIGIT consists of a school administrator or designee, the AIG Specialist, and two classroom teachers who are licensed or endorsed in gifted education.  The AIGIT reviews all data collected and recommends appropriate action related to the student's demonstrated need for differentiation.  

In order to qualify for the AIG Program, students must meet criteria in one of four identifications.  Identification standards are illustrated in the chart below:

Appendix A Identification Areas for Advanced Learners 2019-2022.pdf

Based upon the presented evidence, the SCALE Team may determine:
(1) There is no evidence that additional academic services are needed at this time.  Student progress should be monitored.
(2) There is clear evidence that differentiated academic services and AIG placement are needed.  An AIG placement conference should be held.
(3) There is insufficient evidence for differentiated academic service without additional data; the AIG Specialist must gather additional information.
(4) There is evidence of the need for differentiated academic service, but the student does not meet the outlined standards.  The student's case is recommended for placement consideration to the Administrative Placement Team (APT) at the district level. 

The school-based AIG Specialist notifies the parents/guardians of the SCALE Team's (or APT's) decision and student's testing results within 50 school days of the parent's signature on the Permission to Evaluate document.

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