2020 - 2021 BCS Academically/Intellectually Gifted Specialists
School AIG Specialist Specialist Email Days On Campus
Avery's Creek ES Romanguolo, Amy amy.romanguolo@bcsemail.org M, R, F
Barnardsville ES Keitt, Stacie stacie.keitt@bcsemail.org W
BCS Early College Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org consultative
BCS Middle College Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org consultative
Bell ES Schmidt, Chris chris.schmidt@bcsemail.org M, T, alternate W
Black Mtn ES Tucci, Marcia marcia.tucci@bcsemail.org R, F
Black Mtn PS Tucci, Marcia marcia.tucci@bcsemail.org M, T, W
Candler ES Harbison, Jamie Jamie.harbison@bcsemail.org W
Cane Creek MS Hawes, Leslie leslie.hawes@bcsemail.org M - F
Community HS Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org consultative
Eblen IS Jamerson, Sonna sonna.jamerson@bcsemail.org M, T, W
Emma ES Altman, Kimberly kimberly.altman@bcsemail.org T
Enka HS Trantham, Amy amy.trantham@bcsemail.org consultative
Enka IS Harbison, Jamie  Jamie.harbison@bcsemail.org M, T, R, F
Enka MS Trantham, Amy amy.trantham@bcsemail.org M, T, W, R
Erwin HS Koerber, Cindy cindy.koerber@bcsemail.org consultative
Erwin MS Koerber, Cindy cindy.koerber@bcsemail.org M, T, W, F
Estes ES Small, Donalyn donalyn.small@bcsemail.org M - F
Fairview ES Honeycutt, Terica terica.honeycutt@bcsemail.org M - R
Glen Arden ES Harmon, Jennifer jennifer.harmon@bcsemail.org M - F
Haw Creek ES Thompson, Sandra sandra.thompson@bcsemail.org M, T, W
Hominy Valley ES Moody, Renee renee.moody@bcsemail.org T, W, R
Johnston ES Koerber, Cindy cindy.koerber@bcsemail.org R
Koontz IS Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org R
Koontz IS Hill, Melissa melissa.hill@bcsemail.org M - F
Lead AIG Facilitator (5-12) Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org M, T, W, F
Lead AIG Facilitator (K-5) Knox, Stephanie stephanie.knox@bcsemail.org M, W
Leicester ES Thompson, Sandra sandra.thompson@bcsemail.org R, F
Nesbitt Discovery Ac Cutshall, Chris chris.cutshall@bcsemail.org consultative
North Buncombe ES Knox, Stephanie stephanie.knox@bcsemail.org T, R, F
North Buncombe HS Moore, Carole carole.moore@bcsemail.org consultative
North Buncombe MS Moore, Carole carole.moore@bcsemail.org M - F
North Windy Ridge IS Keitt, Stacie stacie.keitt@bcsemail.org M, T, R, F
Oakley ES Schmidt, Chris chris.schmidt@bcsemail.org R, F, alternate W
Owen HS Swann, Sarah sarah.swann@bcsemail.org consultative
Owen MS Swann, Sarah sarah.swann@bcsemail.org M, T, R, F
Pisgah ES Trantham, Amy amy.trantham@bcsemail.org F
Reynolds HS Altman, Kimberly kimberly.altman@bcsemail.org consultative
Reynolds MS Altman, Kimberly kimberly.altman@bcsemail.org M, W, R, F
Roberson HS Shiver, Amber amber.shiver@bcsemail.org consultative
Sand Hill-Venable ES Romanguolo, Amy amy.romanguolo@bcsemail.org T, W
Valley Springs MS Shiver, Amber amber.shiver@bcsemail.org M - F
WD Williams ES Yopp, Tera tera.yopp@bcsemail.org M, T
Weaverville ES Yopp, Tera tera.yopp@bcsemail.org W, R, F
Weaverville PS Yopp, Tera tera.yopp@bcsemail.org W
West Buncombe ES Jamerson, Sonna sonna.jamerson@bcsemail.org R, F
Woodfin ES Swann, Sarah sarah.swann@bcsemail.org W

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