Discretionary Admission/Release Application
  • New Discretionary Admission/Release (If you have never completed a DA/R...)
  • Schools will hold all new applications for DA/R until May 10th for District Review. After May 10th, schools will notify parents/guardian the status of the application. Parent will then complete Steps 3 and 4 of the application.
  • Applications approved by both principals will be accepted through Wednesday, May 31st.
  • Continued Placements
  • Continued placements will be processed the same as previous years. Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, May 31st.
Public Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Applications are currently available in the following languages: EnglishSpanishRussian, and Moldovan.
Release to Asheville City Schools
Applications are currently available in the following languages: English, SpanishRussian, and Moldovan.
Please refer to Asheville City Schools Student Services for their specific requirements for Discretionary Admission:
Asheville City Discretionary Process


An application must be completed for each student, every year.

  • There is a $10 fee per student, with a maximum of $50 per household. This also applies for parents who are employees of the school system. Policy 4130 is available on the district website, at each Buncombe County school, and in the Student Services office.

Complete the Discretionary Admission/Release Application in its entirety, as noted below.  Incomplete applications will not be processed – they will be returned to you for completion.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate discretionary admission/release option for your situation. Details of allowable reasons for discretionary admission/release are included on the second page of the application.  Discretionary admissions/releases will not be considered on the basis of a disagreement with school staff regarding school decisions such as grades, homework, discipline, retention, or class assignment.

Step 2: Complete the Student and Parent/Guardian information section. Please indicate both your residential and mailing address, if different.

Step 3: Obtain the appropriate principal signatures, as noted on the application. If your child is being released from another school district, any releasing paperwork from the other district should be attached to your application.

Step 4: Submit the completed application and payment by mail or in person to the Student Services Department at 175 Bingham Road, Asheville, NC 28806. There is a $10.00 processing fee per student, with a maximum of $50.00 per household. Cash or checks made payable to Buncombe County Schools are acceptable. Employees of Buncombe County Schools are also responsible for the $10.00 processing fee per student.

Students who reside outside Buncombe County will be required to pay tuition. The tuition contract on the second page of the discretionary admission/release application must be completed and submitted in person in the Student Services office. Please contact Student Services at 828-255-5918 for more information and to schedule an appointment.  A $300 deposit toward tuition is due at the time the application is submitted.

Discretionary admission/release applications received in Student Services will be submitted for approval at the next Board of Education meeting. Applicants will be contacted within 10 business days of receipt of the application if there is any issue impacting approval.  Notifications will only be made if the application is denied by the Board. Confirmation letters of approvals WILL NOT be mailed. Release from another school, release from another district, or a discretionary admission/release application approval in a prior year does not automatically mean that the current application will be approved.

NOTE: After initial entry to 9th grade, high school students with an approved discretionary admission/release forfeit, for one year, all athletic eligibility in any sport. Eligibility is restored 365 days from Board of Education's approval of the application.  This is the statewide ruling of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.  For more information, please refer to their website:  http://www.nchsaa.org/transfer-and-residency-requirements
NOTE:   Court documents cannot designate that a student must be enrolled in a school in the middle of two parents' residences.  The court system may not specify to a School Board where a student will be enrolled.  As clearly stated in Policy 4120, Domicile or Residence Requirements (excerpt below) students can only be enrolled in the district where a parent or legal guardian lives, unless there are other criteria for a discretionary admission/release:
"For the purposes of school enrollment, the law requires Buncombe County Schools to consider only the address of the student’s permanent domicile. The domicile refers to the permanent home of the parent/legal guardian with whom the child lives with the majority of the school year....Under no circumstances can a student have more than one domicile for the purposes of attendance."

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